This is the character and typography I created for the character used in my college FMP. He consisted off 3 segments and the animation was a total of 4 frames for movement and blinking.

Fun fact. The characters name is Stevie, I never mentioned it because the idea was to show the character. I never was asked what his name was. It shows how easy it is for people to be hidden even when words are screaming all around the.
This is a project I started when I had spare time between projects at college. The idea was to create pin badges with the brown being a brass colour once made. 

(If you cant tell I'm a bit of a star wars fan)
This is a thumbnail created for a brief, they asked for a character to be created from a paragraph with a short script. The video was to be "What if Robots could eat Humans" as someone who enjoyed hearing the ideas that robots would take over the world in the 50s I thought having that theme work brilliantly with this brief. 
You can find more illustrations on my Instagram linked below.
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