I’m going to be doing a project based on mental health. I’m mainly going to be focusing on how certain illnesses can’t be seen by just looking at a person. I want to be able to show that there’s a lot going on in a person’s head that has some form of illness.
The idea is to create a poster set that shines a light on something so hidden and miss judged because nobody fully understands how these individuals feel. The way I want to do this is by creating different posters each showing emotions and thoughts and ways a person can be and act by using type to illustrate the individual experiences that person can feel on a day to day biases.
I would like to get some photos of a few people and get them to each show a different emotion, this way I can have a more open range of faces to use. I’m also going to be getting some personal statements from a few people I know that has these illnesses and get them to explain how they feel and use these as quotes or visuals for this project.
I’m also going to be making an animation that has a character slightly moving and have words fade around him that each means something related to what people say and how that character may feel and some of the words that may describe how that individual feels. This is also going to be accompanied by some type of music that makes the video feel tense.
At the end of the project I want to have a project where I have successfully made some sort of awareness to these illnesses because It’s something that I strongly feel about as it has a lot of personal meaning.
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